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Baby Rocking Chair Lying Flat Blue | Auto Swing Type with Remote Control | Premium Quality | Buy Now

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Experience unmatched comfort with our Baby Rocking Chair Lying Flat in serene blue. Crafted for soothing tranquility and security, its premium design ensures peaceful moments for your little one. Buy now.

Product Specifications

Color Blue
Product Dimensions 72 ULx52 WL;62‎ DL X 68 DW X 53 H CM
Material Imitation Linen cloth, Fluffy Cloth, Iron pipe, ABS Plastic, Alloy steel.
Item Weight 4kg 8.8
Baby Rocking Chair Lying Flat Grey mother comfortably

Baby Rocking Chair Lying Flat Grey mother comfortably

Product Details

Electric Swings 4 gears: 1, 2, 3, 4
Timer for Swings 4 timers: 8, 15, 30, 60 minutes
Bluetooth Marker Lamp, Music Play and Bluetooth, Volume Adjustment Integrated Bluetooth marker lamp enabling music playback and Bluetooth connectivity.
USB Port For playing music from a USB Flash Drive
Power Options – 5V Power Adapter
– Portable Battery
– Power Cord
Compatible Power Supply Suitable for 5V Power Supply; can use phone adapters and portable battery
Remote Control Yes
Music Control Buttons Play, Pause, Bluetooth Music
Timer Buttons 8, 15, 30, 60 minutes
Seat Design Curve design for a sensation of being cradled in a mother’s arms
Seat Angle Adjustments First Gear: 180 degrees, Second Gear: 30 degrees
Lying Chair Facilities Adjustable recline for a comfortable lying position, providing versatility and relaxation
Mom’s Holding Posture Support – Convenient feeding
– Unrestricted movement
– Comfortable waist protection
– Enhanced sense of security
U-shaped Pillow Thickened cotton-filled, designed to prevent flat and skewed heads in infants
Head Position Support – Normal head form
– Slightly skewed head
– Moderately skewed head
– Severely skewed head


Comfort and Versatility with our Baby Rocking Chair in Soothing Blue

Welcoming a newborn into your family is a joyous occasion, and ensuring their comfort and safety is of utmost importance. Introducing our Baby Rocking Chair in a calming blue shade available through Online shopping in UAE, designed to provide the ultimate relaxation experience for both baby and parents. Let’s delve into the premium features, specifications, and the unmatched comfort this baby rocking chair brings to your nursery.

Baby Rocking Chair Blue mother comfortable

Baby Rocking Chair Blue mother comfortable

Premium Quality Design | Baby Rocking Chair

Our Baby Rocking Chair, This model, is a blend of superior craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this chair boasts a beautiful blue hue, creating a serene atmosphere in your baby’s nursery.

Baby Rocking Chair Lying Flat Blue Seat with 2 Angle Adjustments

Specifications at a Glance

  • Color: Blue
  • Model Number:
  • Product Dimensions: 72 ULx52 WL;62 DL X 68 DW X 53 H CM
  • Material: Imitation Linen cloth, Fluffy Cloth, Iron pipe, ABS Plastic, Alloy steel.
  • Item Weight: 4kg 8.8

Innovative Features for Unmatched Comfort

Baby Rocking Chair Blue seat conformable

Baby Rocking Chair Blue seat conformable

Electric Swings and Timer Functionality

Equipped with four adjustable swing gears (1, 2, 3, 4), our rocking chair ensures a gentle and soothing motion, mimicking the comforting embrace of a mother’s arms. The built-in timer offers flexibility with four preset durations (8, 15, 30, 60 minutes), allowing you to tailor the rocking experience to your baby’s preferences.

Integrated Bluetooth Connectivity and Music Play

Enhance the soothing atmosphere with integrated Bluetooth connectivity. Our rocking chair features a built-in Bluetooth marker lamp for added ambiance, enabling you to play your kids favorite tunes. The adjustable volume control ensures a personalized audio experience for your little one.

USB Port for Musical Delights

For additional musical options, utilize the convenient USB port. Play lullabies or soothing sounds directly from a USB flash drive to create a serene environment for your baby to rest and relax.

Versatile Power Options

Our rocking chair offers versatile power options to suit your convenience. It can be powered using a 5V power adapter, a portable battery, or a power cord, providing flexibility for various settings. Compatible with standard phone adapters and portable batteries, ensuring you’re never without the soothing rocking motion.

Remote Control for Effortless Operation

The included remote control simplifies the operation of the rocking chair. Effortlessly adjust swing settings, control music playback, and set timers without disturbing your baby’s peaceful rest.

Ergonomic Design for Ultimate Comfort

Curved Seat Design

The ergonomic curve of the seat provides a sensation of being cradled in a mother’s arms. This thoughtful design promotes a comforting and secure environment for your Kids.

Adjustable Seat Angles

Tailor the rocking experience with adjustable seat angles. The first gear allows a full 180-degree recline, while the second gear offers a gentle 30-degree tilt, catering to your baby’s evolving needs.

Lying Chair Facilities

Adapt to your baby’s comfort with the adjustable recline feature. This rocking chair transforms into a lying chair, offering a comfortable position for your baby to rest and nap, fostering relaxation and versatility.

Mom’s Holding Posture Support and Additional Comfort Features

Baby rocking chair Lying flat Blue

Baby rocking chair Lying flat Blue

U-shaped Pillow for Enhanced Support

Our Baby Rocking Chair Lying Flat Grey comes with a thickened cotton-filled U-shaped pillow, designed to prevent flat and skewed heads in infants. This additional support ensures your baby’s head remains in a natural and healthy position.

Head Position Support

Catering to various head positions, the rocking chair provides support for normal head form, slightly skewed head, moderately skewed head, and severely skewed head. This feature is designed to promote optimal head development and comfort.

Convenience for Moms

The rocking chair is not just designed for the baby’s comfort but also for the convenience of mothers, available at a great price on With features like convenient feeding, unrestricted movement, comfortable waist protection, and an enhanced sense of security, our Rocking chair in UAE is a true companion for new mothers.

How to Buy

  • Comfort & security: Baby Rocking Chair Lying Flat Blue
  • Easy order: Click “Buy Now” on
  • Secure platform: Order with confidence
  • Premium quality: Joyful parenting
  • Assurance: Your baby’s well-being prioritized

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