Baby Stroller newborn baby to 36 months, one-hand folding system, 5-point safety harness, baby car seat as a travel system, Black Color

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Baby Stroller Features & Specifications

  • Suitable for baby from birth to 36 months
  • suitable for baby car seat as a travel system
  • with rear pocket & air window
  • with extendedcanop (By zipper)
  • Adjustable push handle
  • Adjustable backrest
  • 4 wheels suspension
  • Removable bumper
  • 5-point harness system
  • stroller open dimension:82*51*105cm
  • Size of front/rear wheel:6.0″/6.5″

Parenthood is an adventure filled with infinite decisions, mainly when it comes to ensuring the comfort and safety of your valuable little package of joy.

Baby Stroller right view

From the moment they may be born to their infant years, selecting the proper equipment becomes paramount.

Among the plethora of options to be had, an infant travel device stands out as a flexible solution, catering to the wishes of babies from birth to 36 months.

Let’s delve into the capabilities and advantages that make a child tour machine an integral asset for modern-day parents.

1. From Birth to Toddlerhood: Versatility at Its Finest

A first-rate infant journey device is designed to house your toddler’s growth from infancy through the toddler years, supplying an unbroken transition between car rides and strolls.

With adaptable features, it guarantees the finest  comfort for each figure and child.

2. Seamless Travel Integration: Perfect for On-the-Go Families

For households continuously in circulation, the ease of a tour device can’t be overstated.

By seamlessly transitioning from car seat to stroller and vice versa, it removes the trouble of transferring your little one among special modes of transportation.

3. Rear Pocket and Air Window: Ensuring Ventilation and Accessibility

Equipped with a rear pocket and air window, this travel gadget prioritizes capability without compromising on comfort.

The rear pocket presents convenient storage for vital gadgets, while the air window guarantees good ventilation, preserving comfy surroundings for your child at some stage in extended outings.

4. Extended Canopy for Enhanced Protection

Shielding your infant from these factors is paramount, particularly during outdoor tours.

With an extended canopy offering a zipper mechanism, this journey system offers more suitable safety against harsh daylight, gusty winds, and sudden drizzles, making sure your toddler remains comfortable and steady at all times.

5. Adjustable Push Handle: Tailored to Your Comfort

Every parent has unique options in terms of handling their baby’s stroller.

With an adjustable push handle, this travel machine lets you  customize the height in step with your comfort,  minimizing strain in the course of long walks.

stroller travel with toddler

6. Customizable Backrest: Adapting to Your Child’s Needs

Babies grow and expand at a rapid tempo, and their seating necessities evolve accordingly.

The adjustable backrest featured on this journey device caters to your baby’s conversion wishes, imparting the most suitable assistance and comfort for the duration of their journey from infancy to toddlerhood.

7. Enhanced Suspension System: Smooth Manoeuvrability Across Various Terrains

Navigating through urban landscapes or rugged terrain will become easy with the four-wheel suspension device included in this journey machine.

Designed to take in shocks and bumps, it ensures an easy and strong experience for your toddler, irrespective of the surface below.

8. Removable Bumper: Easy Accessibility and Safety

Accessibility and safety go hand in hand in terms of infant tools.

The detachable bumper featured on this travel gadget not only helps smooth entry and go out for your toddler, but also complements safety with the aid of providing additional safety at some point during stroller rides.

9. The Secure 5-Point Harness System: Peace of Mind on the Go

Safety is paramount in relation to visiting with your baby.

The five-point harness machine incorporated into this tour device ensures your child remains securely strapped in, minimizing the chance of unintended slips or falls while in motion.

10. Dimensions and Specifications: Designed for Convenience

Measuring at 82*51*105cm when open, with front and rear wheels sized at 6.0″ and 6.5″, respectively, this travel gadget strikes the perfect balance between compactness and functionality.

Its dimensions make it appropriate for manoeuvring through tight spaces while providing sufficient room in your baby’s consolation.

Conclusion: Investing in Comfort, Convenience, and Safety

In conclusion, a toddler travel gadget isn’t always just every other piece of infant equipment; it is an investment in consolation, comfort, and protection for both parent and toddler.

With its flexible features, seamless integration, and emphasis on capability, it simplifies the journey of parenthood, permitting you to cherish every second with your little one without the strain and problems it brings.

Choose a travel system that prioritizes your toddler’s comfort and protection, and embark on unforgettable adventures collectively, developing loved recollections that last a lifetime.

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Baby Stroller right view

Baby Stroller newborn baby to 36 months, one-hand folding system, 5-point safety harness, baby car seat as a travel system, Black Color

299.00 AED419.00 AED (-29%)

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