Baby Stroller birth to 3 years, one-hand folding system, 5-point safety harness, multi-position adjustable backrest

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Baby Stroller Features & Specifications

  • Suitable for baby from birth to 36 months
  • One-hand folding system
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Adjustable hood
  • multi-position adjustable backrest
  • linked one-step foot brake
  • with pull handle
  • with large storage bag
  • 4 wheels, suspension
  • Removable bumper
  • 5-point safety harness
  • stroller open dimension:75*50*100cm
  • Size of front/rear wheel:5.5″/7.0
  • Model No: LSV6-1

A crib has become an essential companion for mother and father, providing comfort, security, and luxury for both child and caregiver.

Modern Baby stroller are equipped with many designs and specific features to meet the needs of babies from birth to 36 months.

From one-handed folding to footrests that are adjustable with safety straps, here is a detailed insight into the essential functions and specifications describing the first baby carrier.

1. One-hand folding system: makes it easy to move

A symbol of comfort, the one-handed folding device makes it easy for dad and mom to crack open the stroller with just one hand, making travel and the garage a breeze, especially during busy schedules.

2. Adjustable foothold: ensure comfort

Catering to children’s increasing preferences and choices, the adjustable step function allows customization according to the child’s comfort and provides positive support for leg length and specific positions in order to maximize progress.

3. Adjustable hood: protection from the elements

Protects baby from harsh weather conditions, including sun, wind, or rain.

The adjustable hood offers versatility in handling external components, providing comfort and protection for a long outing.

4. Multi-position adjustable backrest: customization of individual comfort

Because a child can sit in two positions, an adjustable backrest has and provides possibilities for a child, whether he is sleeping comfortably, sitting upright, or fully participating in the ergonomic and sturdy seats.

5. Linked single-stage foot brake: increases safety

Offering a combination of safety and stability, the integrated single-piece foot brake provides quick and efficient control of train speeds, as well as safe stability across a variety of terrains.

Individuals can easily handle multiple brakes.

6. Pull Handle: For effortless action

The sliding handles are designed for ease of use, facilitating the smooth operation of the stroller and allowing parents to steer and maneuver in crowded areas or uneven surfaces effortlessly.

Baby Stroller LSV6-1 Travel stroller

7. Large storage bag: convenient on the go

Recognizing the need for more storage, the included oversized storage bag provides parents with adequate storage space for essentials such as diapers, bottles, toys, and personal items and makes them realize that everything is easily accessible when visiting.

8.4-wheel suspension: smooth ride

Equipped with a four-wheel suspension system, this stroller ensures a comfortable ride for babies, absorbing shocks and vibrations from uneven terrain to minimize turbulence and maximize comfort.

9. Removable Bumper: Versatility and accessibility

Because the removable bumper is flexible in use, it makes accessing the stroller seat easier, allowing the baby to get in and out seamlessly and also acting as an extra safety moment while traveling.

10. 5-Point Safety Harness: Safety Safety

Prioritizing safety, the 5-Point Safety Harness provides excellent protection for the baby in the stroller, preventing any inadvertent slippage or possible falls, and giving parents peace of mind during the process of their daily activities.

11. Baby Stroller Open Dimensions: 75*50*100cm

The specified dimensions ensure a good balance between compactness and width, providing comfortable seating for babies and easy access to doors and tight spaces.

12. Front/rear wheel size: 5.5″/7.0

Different front and rear wheel sizes contribute to better handling and stability, with larger rear wheels providing better traction and shock absorption, while smaller front wheels provide precise steering and control handled exactly.

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Baby Stroller LSV6-1 Side View

Conclusion: A complete solution to parental needs

In conclusion, the variety and specificity of features included in today’s baby stroller demonstrate a commitment to meeting the diverse needs and preferences of babies and parents.

From convenience devices like one-handed folding to safety features like 5-point harnesses, everything works to elevate the overall experience, making baby stroller walking a pleasurable and stress-free endeavor as a versatile and indispensable tool for parenting.

The branded baby bundle ensures comfort, safety, and security throughout the journey from infancy to toddlerhood.

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Baby Stroller 0 to 3 years | 50% Off April 2024 | Buy Now

Baby Stroller birth to 3 years, one-hand folding system, 5-point safety harness, multi-position adjustable backrest, 50% off, Best baby stroller, Dubai

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Baby Stroller LSV6-1 Side View

Baby Stroller birth to 3 years, one-hand folding system, 5-point safety harness, multi-position adjustable backrest

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