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Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner – Black | Premium Quality Home, Office, Car | Buy Now

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Upgrade your cleaning routine with our Premium Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. Effortless cleaning, superior quality. Buy now for a spotless home and Office.

Product Specifications

Charging Time 5-6 Hours
High Gear 7000 Pa
Working Time (High Gear) 10-13 Minutes
Low Gear 3-3.5 KPa
Working Time (Low Gear) 25-30 Minutes
Color Black / White
Noise less 70dB
Material ABS
Cup Box Capacity 0.4L
Motor Pure Copper
Fan Blade Aluminum
Filter HEPA


Car Vacuum Cleaner Premium Quality A031 handel

Car Vacuum Cleaner Premium Quality A031 handel


Power source & Rating

Battery Voltage (As shown on certs) 11.1V
Charging Line Input 5V / 50-60 Hz
Charging Line Output 5V / 1A
Batteries (Type & Quantity) 6000mAh (Li-ion 3*2000mAh)
Rated Power (Wattage) 90-100 W
Running Time (High) 10-13 Mins
Running Time (Low) 25-30 Mins
Noise About 75dB
Charging Time 5-6 Hours
Certification & Reports EMC, FCC, CE, RoHS, LFGB


The Evolution of Stick Vacuum Cleaners: A Comprehensive Guide

Car Vacuum Cleaner Premium Quality A031 short brush

Car Vacuum Cleaner Premium Quality A031 short brush

Understanding the Revolutionary Stick Vacuums

The emergence of stick vacuum cleaners has transformed household cleaning practices, introducing a blend of portability and powerful suction. Available Online shopping in UAE, these cleaning devices have become indispensable tools for maintaining a clean and healthy home. This guide explores the features, advantages, and crucial considerations for selecting a stick vacuum at, empowering you to make an informed decision for a cleaner living environment.

The Features That Set Stick Vacuums Apart

Car Vacuum Cleaner Premium Quality A031 full

Car Vacuum Cleaner Premium Quality A031 full

1. Portability and Maneuverability:

A distinctive characteristic of cordless vacuum cleaner is their exceptional portability. Weighing under five pounds, their lightweight design facilitates easy navigation around the house, effortlessly reaching tight spaces and corners that traditional vacuums may struggle to access.

2. Powerful Suction:

Despite their compact size, stick vacuums boast powerful suction capabilities. Employing advanced motor technology, these devices effectively lift dirt, debris, and pet hair from various surfaces, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.

3. Versatility:

Stick vacuums prove to be versatile cleaning tools, suitable for a range of surfaces, including carpets, hardwood floors, and tiles. Some models feature interchangeable attachments, such as brush nozzles and crevice tools, enhancing adaptability to diverse cleaning needs.

4. Corded vs. Cordless Options:

Choose between corded and cordless stick vacuums based on your preferences and cleaning requirements. Cordless options offer freedom of movement, while corded models provide a continuous power supply for extended cleaning sessions.

Stick Vacuums for Effortless Home Cleaning

Vacuum Cleaner _ Stick Vacuum Easy Clean home new

Vacuum Cleaner _ Stick Vacuum Easy Clean home new

1. Convenient Storage:

The compact size of stick vacuums makes storage hassle-free. Many models come with wall mounts or docking stations, allowing convenient storage and ensuring the vacuum is charged for the next cleaning session.

2. Quick Clean-Ups:

The nimble nature of stick vacuums makes them ideal for quick clean-ups. Whether it’s spilled cereal in the kitchen or a trail of dirt near the entrance, a stick vacuum provides a swift and efficient solution.

3. Ideal for Small Spaces:

For those with limited storage space, stick vacuums are the perfect choice. Their slender profile and lightweight design make them easy to store in closets or utility rooms without taking up much space.

Choosing the Right Stick Vacuum: Key Considerations

Vacuum Cleaner _ Stick Vacuum Easy Clean home Floor clean

Vacuum Cleaner _ Stick Vacuum Easy Clean home Floor clean

1. Battery Life and Charging Time:

  • Battery Life: Consider the size of your home and cleaning needs when choosing a cordless stick vacuum. Modern lithium-ion batteries offer longer runtimes.
  • Charging Time: Opt for stick vacuums with quick charging capabilities, typically in the range of 2-4 hours, ensuring minimal downtime between cleaning sessions.

2. Suction Power and Performance:

  • Suction Power: Evaluate the suction strength required for effective cleaning based on the flooring in your home and whether you have pets.
  • Filtration System: Stick vacuums with advanced filtration systems, such as HEPA filters, are ideal for capturing allergens and ensuring cleaner air in your home.
Car Vacuum Cleaner Premium Quality A031 hose with brush

Car Vacuum Cleaner Premium Quality A031 hose with brush

3. Attachments and Accessories:

  • Multi-Surface Cleaning Attachments: Choose a stick vacuum with a variety of attachments for different surfaces, including brush nozzles, crevice tools, and soft bristle brushes.
  • Easy Maintenance: Opt for a stick vacuum with detachable and washable components, ensuring hassle-free maintenance for longevity and optimal performance.

Conclusion – Elevate Your Cleaning Experience with a Stick Vacuum Cleaner

In conclusion, a stick vacuum, available at, is a valuable addition to any home, providing a convenient and efficient solution for daily cleaning tasks. With their portability, powerful suction, and versatility, stick vacuums make maintaining a clean and healthy home easy and complementing your collection of Electronic and Tools. When making a purchase, consider your specific needs, including battery life, suction power, and available attachments. Embrace the benefits of a stick vacuum in your home today.

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