Less Price Warranty Policy

Length of Warranty:

Customers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who buy certain products from us will have them covered by a twelve (12) month warranty. The conditions of the seller’s warranty shall govern in the event that the product is acquired from a source other than ours.

Except for Apple goods, which have an accessories guarantee of one year, all other electronic device accessories have a six-month warranty that begins on the date of delivery. As soon as the goods are delivered, the warranty term begins.

How to File a Warranty Claim:

The registered pick-up and delivery address for the claimed item will be the address supplied during the warranty claim request and cannot be changed.

The approved service centers will handle the repairs covered by the warranty.

In order to authenticate the warranty duration and serial number, as well as to access warranty services, the original invoice is necessary.

Relying on Logistics Support:

The warranty repair time for units covered under the warranty in logistical assistance situations is twenty-five (25) working days, starting from the date of product selection until shipping.

Warranties Not Covered:

The warranty does not apply to every product. To find out if the product comes with a warranty, look at the listing.

The warranty duration will not be extended or renewed if you repair or replace it under this warranty. The standards set out by the device’s manufacturer are reflected in the warranty terms.

Warranty Coverage for Replacement:

If the item is still within the manufacturer’s warranty and cannot be fixed, we will either give you a new one (from the same vendor) or give you your money back.

The Onus of Packaging is on the Customer:

It is the responsibility of the buyer to secure the item in its original packaging or to wrap it securely to prevent damage while shipping. Damaged items returned to customers without maintenance are the responsibility of the customer, not Less Price, in the event that unsafe packaging causes such damage.

Policies for Service:

Customers are liable for any personal data and information stored on their devices. Before servicing the device, customers should create backups, disable FMI, and remove any locks or passwords.

The time needed to gather device details or get customer clearance is not factored into Turn Around Time (TAT).

Customers provide their approval for us and the repairer to use their contact information solely for the repair service when they submit the item for repair.

In submitting the warranty claim, the consumer attests that all details given are accurate.

Before getting their gadget serviced, customers should take off any screen covers.

Void from Warranty Coverage:

Customer abuse, failure to follow usage instructions, liquid spills, or illegal repairs are not covered by the guarantee and may result in faults or damage.

Policy on Pickup and Delivery:

Safely wrapping and repacking the item in its original box is the responsibility of the buyer. Less Price disclaims any liability for shipping-related damages.

At the time of pickup, customers are required to give the courier all necessary items, including any electronic equipment (such as headphones, a battery, and a charging case).

Companies of Guarantee:

The manufacturer or an authorized service provider will offer the warranty for the gadget, as long as the policies of the manufacturer are followed. For warranty services, customers should get in touch with the manufacturers or their authorized service facilities directly.

Services rendered by authorized service facilities under warranty are not the responsibility of Less Price. In this context, “access to spare parts,” “time to repair,” and “quality of repair” all have meaning. If customers have any issues or complaints, they should get in touch with the warranty service provider immediately.

Restrictions on Territories:

Products bought inside the “Territory” of the United Arab Emirates are the only ones covered by the guarantee. Refunds can only be deposited into accounts situated within the Territory, and replacement or repaired items or components can only be dispatched to locations within the Territory.

How to Store Products:

Less Price’s warehouse will hold the goods for a maximum of thirty (30) calendar days if the customer refuses to receive it after processing the warranty claim. After this period, the customer will no longer be able to seek a return of the product.