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Solar Camera with Sim Card for Smart Security Solutions

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solar camera

Model Number VC3-4G
Operating system Android, IOS
Sensor: GC2063 Gcoreinc image sensor
Video compressed format: H.264+/H.265
Resolution: 1920*1080 1080P
4G Network : 4G-BAND1/3/5/38/39/40/41
Detection method: PIR + Radar dual induction detection
Detection distance: 0~12M
Detection angle: 120°
Alarm method: Double induction confirmation and push alarm information mobile phone
Pan-tilt: Horizontal: 355 °, vertical: 90°
Rotate speed Horizontal 55°/seconds, vertical 40°/seconds
Full color night vision: minimum illumination 0.00001LUX
IR Leds 8pcs Dual Core LED
Infrared Led: Infrared LED distance: 20M ,effective distance :8M
White Led: White LED distance: 20M, effective distance :8M
Built-in speaker: 3W
Built-in microphone: Audio pick-up about 20M
Lens: fixed-focus 4mm
Angle: 80°
Cloud storage: Cloud Storage (Alarm video )
Local storage: TF card(Max 128G)
power supply mode : solar panel + 3.7V 18650 battery
Solar panel power: 7.5W
Battery capacity Built-in 8000mah battery
Operating power daytime: 350-400ma,Night time:500-550ma
Standby power 5 mAh
work environment: IP66 Waterproof, can use indoor and outdoor
Working temperature: -30°~+50°
Working humidity: 0%~80%RH


Solar Camera with Sim Card for Smart Security Solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of security solutions, the integration of solar-powered cameras with SIM card technology represents a significant advancement. These innovative devices combine the eco-friendly benefits of solar energy with the convenience and connectivity of SIM cards, offering a reliable and efficient smart security solution. This article explores the key features and advantages of solar cameras equipped with SIM cards, delving into their technical specifications, detection methods, and application scenarios, all available for purchase at

Understanding the Technology Solar Camera

The Sensor and Video Compression

The heart of a solar camera lies in its sensor and video compression technology. The GC2063 Gcoreinc image sensor provides high-quality imaging, ensuring clear and crisp visuals. With video compression formats such as H.264+ and H.265, these cameras optimize storage space without compromising video quality.

Resolution for Enhanced Clarity

The 1920*1080 resolution (1080P) guarantees detailed footage, facilitating accurate identification of objects and individuals in the surveillance area.

4G Connectivity for Seamless Communication

Equipped with 4G compatibility across various bands (4G-BAND1/3/5/38/39/40/41), these cameras ensure uninterrupted communication, making them ideal for remote locations where traditional network infrastructure might be limited.

Dual Induction Detection

The combination of Passive Infrared (PIR) and Radar dual induction detection enhances the accuracy of the system. This dual-layered approach reduces false alarms and ensures reliable detection within a distance of 0 to 12 meters and an angle of 120 degrees.

Pan-Tilt Functionality

The pan-tilt feature enables a wide coverage area, with a horizontal rotation of 355 degrees and a vertical rotation of 90 degrees. The rapid rotation speeds (Horizontal 55°/second, Vertical 40°/second) allow for swift surveillance adjustments.

Night Vision and Illumination Solar Camera

Full-Color Night Vision

With a minimum illumination of 0.00001LUX, these solar cameras deliver full-color night vision. This feature provides detailed and colored imagery during low-light conditions, enhancing overall security effectiveness.

Dual Core LED Technology

Eight Dual Core LED infrared lights contribute to an effective infrared distance of 20 meters and a white LED distance of 20 meters, each with an effective distance of 8 meters. This dual-light technology ensures superior visibility, regardless of the environmental conditions.

Audio Capabilities and Storage Options Solar Camera

Audio Pickup and Two-Way Communication

The solar cameras come equipped with a built-in 3W speaker and a microphone with an audio pickup range of approximately 20 meters. This facilitates two-way communication, allowing users to communicate with individuals within the camera’s vicinity.

Flexible Storage Solutions

These cameras offer versatile storage options. While the cloud storage feature allows for easy access to alarm videos, the local storage option supports TF cards with a maximum capacity of 128GB, providing ample space for recording and storing footage.

Power Management and Environmental Durability

Solar Panel and Battery Configuration

The solar panel, with a power capacity of 7.5W, coupled with a built-in 8000mAh 3.7V 18650 battery, ensures continuous operation. The solar panel harnesses sunlight during the day, powering the camera and charging the battery, making it an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.

Power Consumption and Standby Mode

During the daytime, the camera consumes 350-400mA, and during nighttime, it requires 500-550mA for operation. The standby power is minimal at 5mAh, contributing to energy efficiency and prolonged battery life.

Weather Resistance and Versatility

Designed with an IP66 waterproof rating, these cameras are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The operational temperature range from -30°C to +50°C and a working humidity range of 0% to 80% make them versatile in various environmental conditions.

VApplication Scenarios

Residential Security

Solar cameras with SIM cards are an ideal solution for residential security. Their wireless nature and easy installation make them suitable for monitoring homes, driveways, and gardens, providing homeowners with real-time surveillance and peace of mind.

Remote Locations and Construction Sites

In remote locations or construction sites where traditional power sources and network infrastructure may be scarce, these solar-powered cameras offer a reliable and self-sufficient security solution. The 4G connectivity ensures constant communication, regardless of the site’s remoteness.

Agricultural Surveillance

Farmers can benefit from the advanced features of these cameras to monitor large agricultural areas. The dual induction detection minimizes false alarms, and the weather-resistant design ensures functionality in diverse outdoor conditions.

Installation and Setup

Easy Installation Process

The installation of solar cameras with SIM cards is designed to be user-friendly. With wireless connectivity, users can avoid the hassle of complex wiring. The cameras can be easily mounted on walls or other surfaces, providing flexibility in choosing optimal surveillance locations.

SIM Card Activation

Activating the SIM card is a straightforward process. Users can insert a compatible SIM card into the designated slot, and the camera will automatically connect to the 4G network. This seamless integration ensures quick deployment and immediate functionality.

Mobile App Integration Solar Camera

User-Friendly Mobile App

To enhance user experience, these solar cameras come with a dedicated mobile app. The app allows users to remotely access live footage, receive push notifications for alarms, and control the pan-tilt functionality. The intuitive interface ensures that even non-tech-savvy users can easily navigate and manage the system.

Real-Time Monitoring

Through the mobile app, users can monitor their surveillance area in real-time. The 4G connectivity ensures a stable and quick connection, enabling users to check on their property or assets from anywhere in the world using their smartphones or tablets.

Integration with Smart Home Systems

Seamless Integration with Smart Home Devices

For users with existing smart home systems, these solar cameras can be seamlessly integrated. Whether it’s connecting to voice assistants or other smart devices, the compatibility enhances the overall home automation experience.

Home Automation Triggers

Users can set up automation triggers based on camera detections. For example, the camera’s motion detection could trigger smart lights to turn on, providing an additional layer of security and visibility during the night.

Cost-Effectiveness and Environmental Impact

Cost-Effective Security Solution

The solar-powered aspect of these cameras, falling under electronic items, significantly contributes to cost savings. By harnessing solar energy, users can reduce electricity bills and eliminate the need for extensive wiring, making it a cost-effective long-term security solution.

Environmental Sustainability

The integration of solar panels aligns with the growing emphasis on environmentally sustainable technologies. These cameras operate off renewable energy, reducing their carbon footprint and making them an eco-friendly choice for security-conscious consumers.

Future Developments and Upgrades

Firmware Updates and Enhancements

Manufacturers frequently release firmware updates to improve camera performance and introduce new features. Users can easily upgrade their cameras with the latest firmware to stay abreast of technological advancements in the field of smart security.

Expansion Capabilities

The modular design of these cameras allows for potential expansions and upgrades. Users may have the option to add more cameras to their setup or integrate additional sensors, further customizing their security system based on evolving needs.

Security and Privacy Considerations

Encryption and Data Protection

To ensure the security and privacy of users, these cameras implement encryption protocols for data transmission. This safeguards sensitive information and prevents unauthorized access to the surveillance feed.

Privacy Mode

For enhanced privacy, users can activate a privacy mode that temporarily disables the camera’s recording and streaming capabilities. This feature is particularly useful when residents or individuals within the camera’s field of view desire privacy.

Troubleshooting and Customer Support

Comprehensive User Manual

The product comes with a detailed user manual that guides users through the setup process, troubleshooting common issues, and maximizing the camera’s features. This resource ensures a smooth user experience, even for those new to security technology.

Responsive Customer Support

In the event of technical difficulties, users can rely on responsive customer support. Whether through live chat, email, or phone support, manufacturers prioritize customer satisfaction by providing timely assistance and solutions at a lower price.


The integration of solar technology and Video Calling smart cameras for parent child bonding marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of smart security solutions. From easy installation to advanced features like dual detection, 4G connectivity, and environmental sustainability, these cameras offer a comprehensive package for users seeking reliable and efficient surveillance. As technology continues to advance, these solar cameras with SIM card capabilities, available in online shopping in UAE, are poised to redefine the landscape of home and business security, providing users with enhanced peace of mind and control over their surroundings.

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