Video Calling Smart Cameras for Parent-Child Bonding

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Introducing our Kids Digital Camera – a smart gadget for fun parent-child bonding! With easy one-click video calls, 360-degree rotation, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Stay connected effortlessly through the mobile app.

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Our Kids Digital Camera is a Video Calling Smart Camera designed for seamless Parent-Child Bonding.

Video Calling Smart Cameras Product Specifications

Model No. C31
CPU Dual core processor
LCD IPS 2.8″ HD Screen 240*320
Video Resolution 1920*1080 HD
Lens 120″ Wide-view
Night Vision Distance 6M
Audio Dual digital MIC array, Pickup Distance: 4M
PTZ Rotation 350 degrees horizontally, 60 degrees vertically
Network 2.4G WI-FI
AI Feature Human detection, motion detection, and crying detection
Intelligent Alarm Message Push, Area Alert
Cloud Service Support Cloud Storage
TF Card Slot Support TF card, max 128GB
Power Plug TAPY-C, DC5V/2A
Reset Key Support
Privacy Protection GDPR
Product Size 79.1(L)*92.1(W)*153(H)MM
Working Environment -10℃〜50℃, 30%〜80%RH


Exploring the World of Kids Digital Cameras and Video Calling Smart Cameras

In the fast-paced digital era, technology continues to weave its way into various aspects of our lives, including innovative offerings available at less-price. From smartphones to smart homes, innovation touches all age groups. Today, we delve into the realm of kids’ gadgets with a special focus on Kids Digital Cameras and Video Calling Smart Cameras featuring options from

Unleashing Creativity with Kids Digital Cameras

Kids digital camera Video Calling Smart Cameras

Capturing Memories, Igniting Imagination

Kids Digital Cameras have become more than just toys; they’re tools that foster creativity and imagination in young minds. These pint-sized devices empower children to explore their surroundings through the lens, honing their photography skills in a playful and interactive manner.

Features that Inspire

  1. User-Friendly Design: Engineered with simplicity in mind, these cameras boast user-friendly interfaces suitable for children of various age groups. Large buttons, vibrant screens, and durable builds ensure a seamless experience.
  2. HD Screens: The inclusion of high-definition IPS screens enhances the viewing experience, allowing kids to appreciate the art of photography in vivid detail.
  3. 360-Degree Rotate: Unleash the artistic side of your child with a camera that offers a 360-degree rotation feature. This allows them to capture every angle of their imaginative world.

Parent-Child Bonding through Video Calling Smart Cameras

Connecting Hearts Beyond Borders

Video call options

Video call options

One-Click Connection

The integration of Video Calling Smart Cameras takes the concept of kids’ gadgets to a whole new level. With a simple click, children can initiate video calls, bridging the gap between generations and fostering stronger connections with their loved ones.

360-Degree Interaction

The ability to rotate 360 degrees adds a dynamic element to these smart cameras, making them versatile electronic items. Grandparents, parents, and siblings can virtually explore the child’s environment, creating shared moments that transcend physical boundaries.

A Closer Look at Kids Digital Camera Features

Model No. C31

The Kids Digital Camera Model No. C31 stands out with its dual-core processor, ensuring smooth operation for young photographers. The 2.8″ HD IPS screen with a resolution of 240*320 provides a clear and vibrant display for budding artists.

Wide-View Lens and Night Vision

Equipped with a 120″ wide-view lens, the camera captures a broad perspective, encouraging creativity in composition. Night vision capability up to 6 meters ensures that even bedtime moments can be preserved with clarity.

Audio Excellence

The inclusion of a dual digital MIC array, with a pickup distance of 4 meters, allows kids to record not just visuals but also the sounds of their adventures.

Exploring the Wonders of Video Calling Smart Cameras

PTZ Rotation for Dynamic Calls

The Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) feature, enabling a horizontal rotation of 350 degrees and a vertical rotation of 60 degrees, transforms video calls into interactive journeys. Whether showcasing a new drawing or the family pet, the PTZ rotation adds an element of excitement.

Seamless Connectivity

With 2.4G Wi-Fi support, connecting the Video Calling Smart Camera to the internet is a breeze. This ensures uninterrupted video calls with security and automation features and the ability to share moments in real-time.

AI Features for Added Security

Enhanced with artificial intelligence, these cameras offer human detection, motion detection, and crying detection. This not only adds a layer of security but also allows parents to receive timely alerts, ensuring the well-being of their child.

Intelligent Features for a Smarter Experience

Options for Video Calling Smart Cameras

Push Notifications and Area Alerts

Intelligent alarm systems, including message push and area alerts, keep parents informed about significant events. Whether it’s a detected motion or a cry, these features enhance the overall safety and surveillance aspects of the smart camera.

Cloud Service and TF Card Support

Cloud service support facilitates cloud storage, ensuring that precious moments are securely stored. Additionally, the TF card slot supports external storage of up to 128GB, providing ample space for countless memories.

Navigating the Tech Landscape with Ease

Powerful Yet Simple

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Video Calling Smart Camera is powered through a TAPY-C plug with DC5V/2A. The reset key feature ensures easy troubleshooting, while privacy protection compliant with GDPR guidelines reassures parents about data security.

The Future of Childhood Memories – Kids Digital Cameras and Video Calling Smart Cameras

In conclusion, Kids Digital Cameras, Doorbell camera and Video Calling Smart Cameras are not just gadgets; they are windows to a world of creativity and connection and is available through online shopping UAE. By combining the joy of photography with the power of video calls, these devices offer a holistic experience for both children and their families.

Whether capturing a sunset in the backyard or sharing a bedtime story with a grandparent miles away, these cameras redefine how we document and share our lives. As technology continues to evolve, these gadgets pave the way for a future where childhood memories are not just preserved but enriched through the wonders of innovation

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Video Calling Smart Cameras for Parent-Child Bonding

Video Calling Smart Cameras for Parent-Child Bonding

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