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Wifi Smart Doorbell Camera | Talk to Visitors Live

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Stay connected with a WiFi Smart Doorbell Camera. Monitor your doorstep from anywhere. Easy setup for enhanced home security. Shop now for peace of mind!

Specification Details
Product Name Webcam
APP TuyaSmart
Recording Resolution 640*480
Viewing Angle 85°
Storage Encoding JPEG
Push Photos Free cloud storage
Audio Information Built-in speakers, microphone
WIFI Mode 2.4GHz 802.11b/g
Night Vision Type Infrared night vision function
Power Supply Information DC5V/2A
Operating Temperature -10°~60°
Operating Humidity 10%~90%
Function Introduction
  • Press the doorbell to start quickly and push messages.
  • Ring the doorbell for real-time screen intercom.
  • Ultra-low power consumption, ultra-long standby.
  • Quick capture, cloud storage is free forever.
  • App supports taking photos and videos.
  • Infrared night vision function.
  • Supports traditional indoor ding-dong machine reminder function.


Unlocking the Future of Home Security with Smart Doorbell Cameras

In an era where technology seamlessly integrates with daily life, Smart Doorbell Cameras, available at competitive prices on, have become a pivotal element of modern home security. This innovative device combines the functionality of a traditional doorbell with cutting-edge technology, allowing homeowners to engage in live video conversations with visitors in real-time.

Introducing the Smart Doorbell Camera

The Product Overview

Smart Door bell Cameras, such as the one we present here at a less-price, revolutionize the way we interact with our front doors. Powered by advanced features and user-friendly technology, this device enables live communication with visitors, enhancing both convenience and security.

Key Features of the Smart Doorbell Camera

Smart Doorbell Camera, Talk to Visitors Live

1. Seamless Connectivity with TuyaSmart App

The Smart Doorbell Camera is seamlessly integrated with the TuyaSmart app, providing users with a user-friendly interface for easy control and monitoring. This connectivity ensures that you can talk to your visitors live, anytime and anywhere.

2. Crystal Clear Video with 640*480 Resolution

Experience unparalleled clarity with the recording resolution of 640*480. The Smart Doorbell Camera captures every detail, offering a clear view of your visitors and surroundings.

free cloud storage

3. Wide Viewing Angle for Comprehensive Coverage

With an expansive 85° viewing angle, the Smart Doorbell Camera provides comprehensive coverage of your doorstep. No more blind spots – stay informed about every visitor approaching your home.

4. Efficient Storage Encoding in JPEG

The device utilizes JPEG encoding for storage, ensuring efficient use of storage space without compromising on image quality. This smart encoding enhances the overall performance of the Smart Doorbell wifi smart CCTV camera.

5. Push Photos and Free Cloud Storage

Enjoy the convenience of push photos and free cloud storage. The Smart Doorbell Camera ensures that you never miss a moment, storing captured images securely in the cloud for easy access.

Speakers and Microphone for Two-way Audio

6. Built-in Speakers and Microphone for Two-way Audio

Engage in live conversations with your visitors using the built-in speakers and microphone. The two-way audio feature adds a personal touch to your home security, allowing you to communicate with guests effortlessly.

7. Reliable 2.4GHz 802.11b/g WIFI Mode

Connectivity is key, and the Smart Door bell Camera operates on a reliable 2.4GHz 802.11b/g WIFI mode. This ensures a stable connection for seamless communication and monitoring.

Smart Doorbell Camera, Talk to Visitors Live

8. Infrared Night Vision Function for Enhanced SecurityFeel secure around the clock with the infrared night vision function. This feature provides clear visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring your home is protected day and night.

9. DC5V/2A Power Supply for Continuous Operation

The Smart Doorbell Camera is powered by a DC5V/2A supply, ensuring continuous operation. This reliable power source guarantees that your security is never compromised.

10. Operates in Diverse Environments

With an operating temperature range of -10° to 60° and an operating humidity range of 10% to 90%, the Smart Door bell Camera is designed to function effectively in diverse environmental conditions.

The Functionality

Quick Start and Message Push with Doorbell Press

The Smart Doorbell Camera offers a quick start feature with a simple doorbell press and includes security and automation features for added convenience. This action triggers instant message pushes to your connected device, keeping you informed about visitors.

Smart Door bell camera Smart Door Bell Camera

Real-time Screen Intercom with Doorbell Ring

Ring the doorbell for a real-time screen intercom experience. The Smart Doorbell Camera facilitates seamless communication, allowing you to see and talk to your visitors without opening the door.

Ultra-low Power Consumption and Ultra-long Standby

Benefit from ultra-low power consumption, ensuring prolonged standby periods. The Smart Doorbell Camera combines efficiency with longevity, requiring minimal power for optimal performance.

Quick Capture and Forever Free Cloud Storage

Capture important moments quickly with the Smart Doorbell Camera. Enjoy the added advantage of forever free cloud storage, eliminating concerns about data storage limitations.

Night Vision Video door bell

App Supports Photo and Video Capture

The dedicated app supports both photo and video capture, giving users the flexibility to document important events. Easily store and review captured media directly from your smartphone.

Infrared Night Vision for 24/7 Security

Activate the infrared night vision function for continuous security surveillance. Whether it’s day or night, the Smart Doorbell Camera ensures your home is under watchful eyes.

Traditional Ding-Dong Machine Reminder Function

Integrate the Smart Door bell Camera with your traditional indoor ding-dong machine for added convenience. Receive reminders inside your home when a visitor is at the door.


The Smart Door bell Camera redefines home security, offering a comprehensive solution that prioritizes communication, convenience, and clarity. With its user-friendly features and advanced technology, this device ensures that you are always in control, providing peace of mind and enhancing the overall safety of your home.

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