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Air Fryer 4 litre – 1500W, 3D Airflow System, Adjustable Temperature & Time Options | Premium Quality | Buy Now

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Welcome to our amazing air fryer! It is a 4 litre, 1500-watt machine that makes cooking healthier. This air fryer is efficient, easy, and good for your health. In this guide, we will look at its features and why it is a great kitchen helper. So, when you choose to have this in this kitchen, you will know all about it.

Air Fryer Specifications

Capacity 4 litre
Voltage 220 – 240V
Power 1500W
N / G Weight 4.1 / 4.7 Kg
Product Size 350x260x306 mm
GiftBox Size 350x313x341 mm
Model Number EVKA-AF4001BS

Features that make us special

Air Fryer Features

3D Airflow System
Cool Touch
Non-Stick Basket
Less Oil
Mechanical Control
PP Body
8 Ready Menus

Easy cooking with our air fryer

Our Product stands out with its easy-to-use mechanical controls, giving you precise control over how you cook food. Whether you’re a cooking expert or a beginner, getting perfect results is as easy as making a quick adjustment.

Air Fryer 4 Litre 179, Good Quality, less price

Sturdy PP Body for Long-Lasting Use

Built with a polypropylene (PP) body, our air fryer not only looks good but is also made to last. The strong construction makes sure it can withstand rough use, making it a dependable companion for years in the kitchen.

3D Airflow System for Even Cooking

Experience cooking perfection with our advanced 3D Airflow System. This modern technology promotes hot air circulation evenly, guaranteeing every bit of your food cooks in just the right way. No more unevenly cooked meals; just consistently great results.

Safe Touch Exterior for Your Safety

Safety matters in the kitchen, and our Product takes care of it with a cool-touch exterior. Even when it’s running, the outside stays cool, protecting you and your family from accidental burns. This is one of the advantages of an air fryer.

Air Fryer 4 Litre 179, Good Quality, less price

Easy-to-Clean Non-Stick Basket

Have a good time eating your food without any problems. Our Product includes a top-notch non-stick basket, making food release a breeze and cleaning up quickly and stress-free. Tasty food without the need to worry about cleaning up afterward.

Healthier Cooking with Less Oil | Air Fryer

Support a healthier lifestyle by cutting down on oil in your meals. Our fryer lets you enjoy your favorite fried dishes with much less oil, making it a great choice for those who care about health without sacrificing taste.

Introducing Top-Quality Air Fryer

We are dedicated to providing the best. When you pick our air fryer, you’re getting a top-notch cooking experience that makes your kitchen happy and healthy.

Excellent Construction

The polypropylene body makes the appliance strong and classy. The modern design improves how your kitchen looks, fitting in with any style.

Accurate cooking made easy

The control system is easy to use. Whether you cook a lot or a little, you can get perfect results. The controls feel good as you use them.

Healthy Cooking Choices

Choose health without losing taste. Our Product lets you enjoy crispy dishes with less oil. It’s perfect for those who want both flavor and health.

Why Choose Our Air Fryer

Air Fryer 4 Litre 179, Good Quality, less price

Flexibility in cooking

Our Product is great for cooking various foods, like crispy fries and tasty chicken wings. Try different recipes and be creative without the limitations of traditional cooking methods.

Time and Energy Efficiency | Air Fryer

The 3D Airflow System cooks food evenly and quickly, saving you time and energy. It’s perfect for busy individuals and families who want delicious meals without the wait.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning up is easy with our non-stick basket. Spend less time on kitchen chores and more time enjoying your tasty creations.

Buy Now and Revolutionize Your Cooking Experience

Are you ready to improve your cooking skills? Click now to get our high-quality air fryer. Enjoy precision, premium quality, and healthy cooking. Give your kitchen a fresh look with this adaptable tool.

Air Fryer 4 Litre 179, Good Quality, less price

User Manual: Your Guide to Optimal Usage | Air Fryer

To make the most of your air fryer, use our detailed user manual. It covers setup, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting tips.

Easy Setup and Operation

Follow the step-by-step instructions for a trouble-free setup. The user manual simplifies the operation process, letting you start cooking confidently from day one.

Maintenance Made Simple

Understand how to maintain your fryer for optimal performance. Proper care ensures long-lasting performance. The manual guides you through cleaning and storage for a seamless experience.

Troubleshooting Tips for Common Issues

Facing challenges? Our user manual includes practical solutions for common issues. Cut down on time and frustration by following straightforward instructions.

FRY, BAKE, GRILL, ROAST, AND REHEAT options in the air fryer

Make tasty and crispy snacks using the “Fry” function, using less oil for more flavor. Bake delicious cakes or casseroles with the “Bake” function, adjusting temperature and time precisely. Cook indoors with the “Grill” function for outdoor-like flavors, with controls to get the results you want.

Air Fryer 4 Litre 179, Good Quality, less price


Impress guests with the “Roast” function, perfect for meats and veggies, adjusting temperature and time for your preferred level. Easily reheat leftovers with the “Reheat” function, keeping the food fresh and tasty. Our air fryer lets you customize your cooking with adjustable temperature and time settings, giving you the precision to make perfect dishes.

Conclusion | Air Fryer

In conclusion, our high-quality air fryer is more than just a kitchen appliance; it’s a cooking partner that brings efficiency, premium quality, and healthy cooking to your home. Take your cooking experience to the next level and enjoy a flavorful journey with our feature-packed air fryer. Buy now and savor the perfect balance of taste and well-being in every bite.



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